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Audi Driver Magazine Issues

Updated May '11                                                  

7.  The Ur quattro story    
8.  Ur quattro rallying    
9.  Project Ur quattro    
7.  The Ur quattro story    
Eighties Icon J/F’99 46
First thoughts N/D’97 68
First of the 20V fives M/A’99 44
Gradual evolution N/D’98 52
Into production J/A’98 50
Parts bin development M/J’98 46
Performance proven M/A’98 54
The Godfather N/D’98 64
The unveiling S/O’98 54
The 20V finale M/J’99 56
8.  Ur quattro rallying    
A1-2 technology Sep’02 29
A game of two halves Nov’02 48
Building the team N/D’01 45
First Steps M’02 37
Going for the double Aug’02 37
Into 1984 Dec’02 59
Leading edge technology Feb’03 39
Pikes Peak S1s May’03 45
Sanity regained M/J’02 35
Total technology J/F’02 37
Trial by fire Apr’02 33
Twin Peaks Jan’03 45
World title fighters Jul’02 41
9.  Project Ur quattro    
Alternator drive belts Oct’10 37
Cargraphic exhaust system Dec’10 34
Cooling and seats Jul’10 61
Current drain Aug’08 51
Damper replacement Feb’05 34
Discovering faults Aug’04 32
Electrics Jan’05 39
Exhaust problems Sep’04 37
Fit and finish Oct’05 57
Fuel pump replacement Oct’07 45
MoT Failure Feb’08 41
New injectors Jan’05 52
Oil changes May’07 41
Seat mountings & lighting May’04 34
Selecting a good buy Apr’04 45
Slave cylinder replacement Sep’05 38
Steering pump replacement Aug’05 48
Vents & trim Sep’06 51
Wheels & tyres Jul’04 31
Windows and doors Jul’05 59
Wishbone replacement Jul’06 45